Our Con-Tinual Appearances

About ConTinual: “This is the con that never ends….it just goes and on, my friends! This is a place for sci-Fi/fantasy/filk/paranormal & fantasy romance, spec fic and related topics, TV shows, movies and books to connect without the barriers of distance.”

You can find out more about ConTinual or watch more of their panels on the ConTinual Facebook page.


Ari on the Spring Fling Romance panel, 5/20

Rachel on the Paranormal and Fae Romance panel, 4/1

Ari on the Spring Mystery Roundup, 4/1

Rachel on the Why We Love Korean Drama panel, 2/25

Ari on the Riding the Range: Cowboy Romance panel, 1/7


Rachel on the Sweet Holidays–Cookies and Desserts, 12/14

Ari and Rachel on the Dicks, Pricks, and Hellspawn: Why We Love Bad Boys panel, 11/5

Ari and Rachel on the Mysteries to Die For panel, 10/15

Ari and Rachel on the Mysteries to Die For panel, 7/20

Ari and Rachel on the LGBTQ Action, Assassins and Adventure panel, 6/17

Rachel on the LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance panel, 6/16

Ari and Rachel on the Isn’t It Mysterious? panel, 5/8

Rachel on the Spring Romance: Tulips and Kisses panel, 5/7

Ari on Hot Off the Press #38: Magic Emporium, 2/24

Ari on the Valentine Whispers and Wine panel, 2/12