No AI/No Bot Disclaimer

NO AI/NO BOT. We do not consent to any Artificial Intelligence (AI), generative AI, large language model, machine learning, chatbot, or other automated analysis, generative process, or replication program to reproduce, mimic, remix, summarize, or otherwise replicate any part of this creative work, via any means: print, graphic, sculpture, multimedia, audio, or other medium. We support the right of humans to control their artistic works.


Pre-order books for GRL!

Are you headed to GayRomLit Retreat in Virginia this October? We’re offering pre-orders of both Ari McKay and Rachel Langella books that you can pick up from us at the retreat! Each book is only $10, which is a special price just for GRL, and orders of 3 or more books will include an exclusive gift!

You can fill out this form to pre-order books from us: https://bit.ly/3uzmcGv.

See you in Portsmouth!