On this page, you’ll find links to all of our series listed in alphabetical order by the name of the series.

Asheville Arcana:
This series focuses on the paranormal community of Asheville, NC, which is facing a growing demonic danger.

The Bent Oak Saga: 
This Western historical series centers around the residents of Bent Oak Ranch in Mercy, Texas during the late 1800s.

Blood Bathory:
A book series that combines romance, action, and horror. This contemporary paranormal series focuses on the war between the theriomorphs, who are guardians of Gaia, and the vampires, led by Elizabeth Bathory.

The Candy Cane Club: 
This series centers around the patrons of the Candy Cane Club, a BDSM club in Atlanta, GA.

Herc’s Mercs:
A series that focuses on action/adventure-oriented plots featuring characters connected to Hercules Security and their missions.

Lawyers in Love:
This contemporary series focuses on characters who work for Caldwell and Monroe, a law firm in New York City.

Recipe for Romance:
This contemporary series focuses on characters connected to Montgomery House, a fine dining restaurant in Charleston, SC. Although the series will eventually extend outside Charleston, recurring characters — primarily chef Stephen Pierce and his assistant Robert Logan — provide an on-going connecting thread between the stories.

The Walker Boys:
The Walker Boys series centers around men from the Walker family of Buffalo Lick, Texas, all of whom love to cook.