A Trip Into the Unknown…

As some people know, on March 19th our novella “Call of the Night Singers” will be released by Torquere Press. This is a very different venture for us in many ways, and we’re eager to see what people think.

What’s so different, you may ask. Well, to begin with, it’s in first person. I know a lot of people don’t care for first person POV, but in this case it was absolutely necessary for it to be written as such, because the story is very much an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired gothic horror. Both McKay and I are fans of the horror genre, and for me, especially, H.P. Lovecraft was one of the authors who I read extensively in my formative years. His kind of brooding, creeping horror/suspense had a big influence on my appreciation for a well-crafted tale of the macabre, and it’s very easy to trace his influence on authors such as Stephen King and Robert McCammon (both of whom I also enjoy).

The second difference is that the story is a historical. Our other historical piece, Heart of Stone, has been well-received, so we wanted to venture back to the Victorian era once more. One advantage of a historical setting for this kind of story is that it helps preserve the nature of the unexplained and unexplainable, to make the horror that much more fearsome because the characters don’t have to get caught up in things like DNA analysis or infrared photography to prove or disprove their experiences. This is in direct contrast to our story “Ghost of a Chance”; while “Ghost” wasn’t a horror story per se, the scientific proof (or lack of it) lay at the very heart of the conflict between the characters. In “Night Singers”, however, disbelief isn’t much of an option for the protagonists, and they are the products of a Victorian era which was rife with seers, seances, and all sorts of unexplained phenomena.

Another difference from our usual type of story is that it’s an established relationship piece. Geoffrey Wainwright, the POV character, has been with his lover Garland Heatherford for several years, and they are very much in love with one another. Rather than the central story involving characters discovering one another and finding love, this time love is the motivation for overcoming fear and horror in order for the characters to protect one another.

Even though this story is bit different from our other work, we do hope people enjoy it, especially those who are fans of a good horror story!

Story Blurb:

When Garland Heatherford is named heir to his uncle’s vast fortune, he isn’t pleased by the honor, and with good reason. The last five heirs all met with most untimely deaths – four of them from drowning. Although loathe to accept his inheritance, Garland nevertheless travels to the “cursed” town of Bath, North Carolina, to meet his aged uncle, hoping to avoid the fate of his predecessors. But Garland has something in his favor the other heirs didn’t: his lover, Geoffrey Wainwright.

The sight of the decaying hulk of Heatherford House dismays both men, yet they have little choice but to enter a world where a miasma of horror lies beneath a veneer of breeding, and madness and death seem to lurk in every corner. Ruling over all is the presence of sinister Roderick Heatherford, who has managed to outlive five young, healthy heirs despite his allegedly poor health. When an unexpected illness strikes Garland and he begins to sleepwalk, lured from bed by singing only he can hear, Geoffrey resolves to protect Garland from every danger – even if it costs him his own life.


Coming Soon!

At the moment we have three new stories coming up (hopefully that number will be increasing quickly!) and we’d like to share a little about them, because each of them is rather unique for us.

Dandy’s Little Girl is a different sort of Valentine’s Day story from our last one, and includes an MC with a child, something we’ve not published before. It was very interesting writing Emily, and see how she effects the relationship between her father and the new man in his life. Children always make things more complicated, and Emily is no exception!

Call of the Night Singers is a Gothic horror story, written in first person with very Lovecraftian overtones. This is an established relationship piece, and we’re hoping to have conveyed the slowly mounting sense of horror and dread that H.P. Lovecraft did so masterfully.

Finally, for the moment, we have Herc’s Mercs: The Bigger They Come, a tale of a man who has everything, including a stalker. We’re hoping this will be a series, featuring important men in danger and the big, buff bodyguards who protect their lives. There is a lot of action in store, and we hope everyone enjoys it! 😀


New Holiday Story Out Today!

Our our holiday romantic comedy, “Holiday Hootenanny”, is out today at Torquere Books! Josh and Clint are lovers thinking about taking their relationship to a new level, but that means meeting each others families – and Josh has a family that would try the patience of a saint! As crazy and weird as home life is, though, Josh adores his family, and he couldn’t bear it if Clint couldn’t get along with them. He reluctantly takes Clint home for Christmas, and chaos ensues. Will Clint be able to handle it, or will Josh lose the man he loves?

Check it out! 😀


Works in progress

As everyone knows, we have a “Coming Soon” widget on here to keep everyone apprised of what’s coming out in the near future. But I thought I’d give folks a little taste of what’s beyond that, things that we have in the works which haven’t been submitted yet but which we will (hopefully!) have accepted by our publishers. If anyone is excited about these, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

The second Blood Bathory novel is completed and we’re doing our edits before submission. This one is pretty cool, featuring several new characters in addition to Will and Ian. Elizabeth isn’t out of the picture yet, and we reveal more of her backstory – as well as a new villain who is possibly even more frightening.

We’ve started the first of what we hope will end up being a new series of novellas, centered around men who served together in a paramilitary outfit and are now working together in civilian life. Dangerous situations and action are featured in addition to romance!

Speaking of novellas, we have plans for a few more stories in the Recipe for Romance series, so if you love Stephen, Robert, and some of their friends from Montgomery House, you haven’t seen the last of them! Stephen and Robert may have gotten their chance at happiness at last, but Stephen still has Things To Say about how other people should live their lives, and Robert is right there with him to try to smooth things over when the situation gets rough. Our snarky chef and ninja-cupid take to the road, and Mouth of the South starts its first season – but will disaster strike when the very first episode features rival cooks who have carried a grudge against each other since high school, and who both are determined to win the title of Best Barbecue in the South?

We also have a stand-alone novel in the works, where a gay man who is suddenly thrust into fatherhood finds that coping is tough – at least until a handsome pediatrician decides to step in and lend an unexpected hand.

Beyond those, we have Blood Bathory 3, which is shaping up to be a wild ride, and we’re currently tossing around ideas for another stand-alone novel, this one in an unusual setting. And of course we have a list of plot bunnies a mile long!

There is much more to come from Ari McKay in the future – and we hope everyone will be as happy to read our new works as we are to write them!


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In honor of the release of Recipe for Romance #4, we’re giving away a free copy of Cinnamon and Seduction! Don’t miss your chance for a free copy of the story.

Robert Logan has been in love with his boss, Executive Chef Stephen Pierce, for years, but Stephen has never indicated being interested in Robert – or anyone else. With his birthday approaching, Robert starts to feel that life is passing him by, and his friends urge him to start dating other men. Yet Rhys, Clay, Darius, and Max have a plan to get Stephen to notice Robert as a man – can they manage to bring Robert and Stephen together at last, or will their scheme backfire and make Stephen’s volatile temper explode?

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A Giveaway!

To celebrate the long-awaited arrival of the fourth story in the “Recipe for Romance” series, Cinnamon and Seduction, we’re having a giveaway for a free copy! You can enter here: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/6b17bb6/

We’re very excited about telling Stephen and Robert’s story at last. Much of the feedback we’ve received on the previous three books in the series has contained an appeal for us to tell their story. So our snarky Executive Chef and his loyal PA are finally taking center stage.

On the surface, Robert Logan seems like nothing more than the perfect personal assistant, but there are hidden depths to him that he hasn’t wanted anyone else to see. His loyalty to Stephen seems absolute, but Robert is a man with needs, and in the six years he’s worked for Stephen, the irascible chef hasn’t shown any sign of being aware of Robert as a man.

Stephen Pierce has issues with a capital “I” – anyone who’s been around him for more than five minutes can figure that out. Everyone knows that Robert is the only one who can keep Stephen in line – even Stephen! For six years Robert has been his touchstone, his conscience, the one person Stephen is truly worried about driving away. Yet Stephen is hiding something as well, something not even Robert suspects.

Enter Rhys, Clay, Max, and Darius. The four men know that they owe their happiness to Robert (and even Stephen!) helping them to get past misunderstandings and insecurity. They want to help Robert and Stephen find their own happiness… but will their efforts bring the two men together, or push Stephen past his breaking point and ruin Robert’s chances forever?

Please enter the giveaway! We hope everyone will be as excited about this story as we are!