ARe Closing

All Romance eBooks has announced that they’re closing. So that’s fun. And by “fun,” I mean another financial setback for Ari, me, and all the other authors hosting their work on ARe, especially since ARe isn’t going to pay us the full amount of the royalties they owe us. Oh, and they just told us via email yesterday (the 28th) that they’re closing on the 31st.

Ari has already made our self-pub books unavailable for purchase at ARe, but I wouldn’t recommend that you buy anyone’s books there because they won’t get the money from the sale. I’d suggest going directly through the publisher’s site (although not Torquere, because again, the authors won’t see any money from Torquere Press books, no matter where they’re sold), Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

There is some good news! If you’ve preordered a book through ARe that’s being released after December 31 by Dreamspinner Press, they will honor the pre-order. If you’ve preordered from a different publisher, you’ll want to check with them and see what they plan to do. ARe isn’t going to honor the preorders. All requests for refunds from ARe must be made before December 31, and you have to ask; they aren’t going to issue refunds automatically because of course they aren’t. That would mean giving up money voluntarily instead of fleecing their customers as well as the authors out of as much cash as possible.

(I’m a little pissed off and bitter, yes.)

If you’ve got ARe ebucks/credits, SPEND LIKE THE WIND! And do it before the 31st because otherwise, it’ll be wasted.




The End of Torquere

Well, it’s finally happened, though it’s not a surprise. Torquere Press is officially closing. McKay and I have requested the return of our rights for Blood Bathory: Be Not Proud. That’s the only story we had left with them due to it being released this summer and having to wait for the appropriate lapse before we could ask for it back. Alas, our audio rights for two of the Herc’s Mercs books are contracted differently, though, so I’m going to have to request those to be taken down from Amazon separately. 

It’s been a rough last few months for us and all the other authors over all this. Beyond the several thousand dollars McKay and I are owed, we’ve had to spend many, many hours of time when we could have been writing new material in getting old stories submitted to other places, and going the self-pub route for others. Like so many others of you, we also have day jobs and families, so our writing time is both limited and precious, and I, for one, greatly resent all the time I’ve had to spend doing this. It also delayed by months the release of Herc’s Mercs: Where Angels Fear to Tread and caused us to have to submit our new novella for Lawyers in Love elsewhere. That’s money out of our pockets at a time when both of us could really use it.

Both McKay and I are striving for the holy grail — being able to support ourselves completely from our writing, and this has definitely been a stumbling block in our path. We’re getting past it, but it’s slowed us down tremendously, and that really sucks.

There are so many things I could say about what happened. About how completely stupid and unnecessary it was. About how simple honesty and integrity could have made a difference. About how trust and faith were violated for completely selfish and avaricious reasons. About the sheer stupidity of running a successful company into the ground, pissing off hundreds of people, and sullying an otherwise good reputation and forever being branded a liar and a cheat. About pissing off family and friends and throwing away something that can’t ever be returned. But I’ll hold off because I have to go to work at my day job, then come back and continue dealing with the messes still on my plate.

I’m an engineer. I operate on logic, and I can find absolutely no logic in what was done. But it wasn’t my company, and my decisions didn’t make it happen. The fault rests squarely on the owners of the company — it’s just too bad that they aren’t the only ones who are paying the price.


Herc’s Mercs: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Proudly presenting the cover and blurb for Herc’s Mercs: Where Angels Fear to Tread, coming in January to Amazon and ARe!

Mercs rush in where angels fear to tread…

Lee Albright is a photojournalist who loves traveling and the challenge of his job, but when he’s asked to shoot a calendar for charity, he can’t resist — especially since the models are the men of Hercules Security, some of the sexiest hunks he’s ever seen. Things get even better when he meets Mr. July, Geo Kensei, and the instant spark of attraction between them quickly bursts into an all-consuming flame. 

Geo is exactly the kind of intense, dominating top Lee needs to fulfill all his fantasies, while Lee’s sensitivity and artistic soul tempt Geo to bind the gorgeous man to him with more than just ropes.

Unfortunately their careers force them to part ways, though they’re both anxious for a quick reunion. But in the midst of a war-torn city they meet again, and now Geo, the merc everyone calls “Saint”, must use every tool and skill he possesses to get both Lee and his client out of danger, while Lee has a hard time finding the comfort he needs in Geo’s cold, hard pragmatism in the face of danger. Geo’s intense focus on the mission is all that’s keeping the three of them alive, but will it also end up costing him any chance to be with Lee?



Self-pub update!

We’ve been working steadily to make as much of our back catalogue available again as soon as possible, and we now have most of the books that aren’t being republished by Dreamspinner Press up at Amazon.

All five of the Herc’s Mercs books are now available! Book 1 was revised extensively; books 2-5 were not. We’re working on preparing book 6 with a goal of releasing it in January 2017. Next month, we’ll have a cover reveal and a give-away for this brand new addition to the Herc’s Mercs series, so stay tuned!

Also available on Amazon: Holiday Hootenanny, Ghost of a Chance, and Call of the Night Singers.

In other good news, we’ve started making our republished works available on All Romance eBooks as well! Herc’s Mercs: The Bigger They Come is now available at ARE, and we intend to add our other works there as well, including the rest of the Herc’s Mercs series.

I’ve reorganized our website a bit. New releases now have their own page. Our stand alone works are now on one page as well instead of being separated into short stories, novels, and novellas and mixed in with the works from a series. I’ve had separate series pages, so that hasn’t changed; I just updated to reflect new information about each series and its status if it’s no longer available.