News Flash

Time Is Eternity anthology

Our first sale was a submission to the Time Is Eternity anthology that Dreamspinner Press will be publishing in June, and since we’ve signed the contract and gotten the “new author” info, it’s official!

Assuming we get to keep the title we chose on submission, our story is called “Once and Future Love”, and it was written for an anthology that focuses on time travel. Unfortunately, we don’t have an official blurb yet, and the anthology isn’t listed in the Dreamspinner store yet, but I’ll update with all that info when we get it. 😀

The anthology is going to be released in June, and there will be two ways to purchase our story. The anthology is being released as a month-long Daily Dose package, so if you purchase the package, you’ll get a new, original m/m romance every day from June 1-June 30.

However, if you don’t want to commit to the full package, all the stories in the package will be released for individual sale on June 1 as well! Ours is about 14,000 words, so it falls in the “Nap-size dream” category, and it’ll cost $2.99 for the digital download.

That’s all we know so far! We still have to go through an editing process, but we’ll keep everyone updated once the blurb and purchase links are available!