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Coming soon!!!

We’re excited to have several publications coming in the next couple of months!

First on the list will be our first novella, entitled “Bay Leaves and Bachelors”, which will be at Torquere in their “Spice It Up” line. We’re excited because we really love working in a longer format, as many of our long-time fans know, and so this is definitely more up our alley! It will be released on November 7th.

Next, about 1 December, we will have a story coming out at Dreamspinner as part of their “Evergreen” holiday collection. Entitled “On The Rocks”, it’s all about resolving misunderstandings and finding love with the person you’re truly meant to be with.

On 30 January, we have another story at Torquere, in their Color Box line – “Caribbean Blues”. If you enjoy rebounds, love at first sight, and happy endings, this story is for you!

We’re currently working on another holiday story that we hope will be accepted and published in mid-December. We also just submitted a novel, and we’re biting our nails in hope that it will be published.

As the holidays approach, we hope everyone stays safe and enjoys a little romance in their lives!

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