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Valentine’s Day Give-Away!

fortunesslingsandcupidsarrowsTo celebrate the most romantic day of the year, we’re giving away a free copy of our up-coming Valentine’s Day novella, “Fortune’s Slings and Cupid’s Arrows”!

This story takes background characters mentioned in “Santa’s Naughty Helper” and brings them to the forefront for their very own Valentine’s Day romance!

Dane Coulter is so far in the closet, he can’t even see the door – not even when his father forces him into an engagement he doesn’t want. Randolph Coulter rules his family with an iron fist, and Dane is so concerned about his mother’s happiness that he is willing to sacrifice his own. But when his best friend Cal seduces him in a desperate attempt to make Dane confront the truth about himself before he makes a terrible mistake, it only complicates matters and drives a wedge between them. Now Dane is alone, and he has to make a decision. Can he stand up to his father and fight for his own happiness, or will he lose Cal forever?

Our give-away will run through February 12, and one lucky person will win a free copy of the story, which will be emailed to them on its release day (February 13). Good luck!

To enter the give-away, please GO HERE!

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