Works in progress

As everyone knows, we have a “Coming Soon” widget on here to keep everyone apprised of what’s coming out in the near future. But I thought I’d give folks a little taste of what’s beyond that, things that we have in the works which haven’t been submitted yet but which we will (hopefully!) have accepted by our publishers. If anyone is excited about these, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

The second Blood Bathory novel is completed and we’re doing our edits before submission. This one is pretty cool, featuring several new characters in addition to Will and Ian. Elizabeth isn’t out of the picture yet, and we reveal more of her backstory – as well as a new villain who is possibly even more frightening.

We’ve started the first of what we hope will end up being a new series of novellas, centered around men who served together in a paramilitary outfit and are now working together in civilian life. Dangerous situations and action are featured in addition to romance!

Speaking of novellas, we have plans for a few more stories in the Recipe for Romance series, so if you love Stephen, Robert, and some of their friends from Montgomery House, you haven’t seen the last of them! Stephen and Robert may have gotten their chance at happiness at last, but Stephen still has Things To Say about how other people should live their lives, and Robert is right there with him to try to smooth things over when the situation gets rough. Our snarky chef and ninja-cupid take to the road, and Mouth of the South starts its first season – but will disaster strike when the very first episode features rival cooks who have carried a grudge against each other since high school, and who both are determined to win the title of Best Barbecue in the South?

We also have a stand-alone novel in the works, where a gay man who is suddenly thrust into fatherhood finds that coping is tough – at least until a handsome pediatrician decides to step in and lend an unexpected hand.

Beyond those, we have Blood Bathory 3, which is shaping up to be a wild ride, and we’re currently tossing around ideas for another stand-alone novel, this one in an unusual setting. And of course we have a list of plot bunnies a mile long!

There is much more to come from Ari McKay in the future – and we hope everyone will be as happy to read our new works as we are to write them!