Coming Soon!

At the moment we have three new stories coming up (hopefully that number will be increasing quickly!) and we’d like to share a little about them, because each of them is rather unique for us.

Dandy’s Little Girl is a different sort of Valentine’s Day story from our last one, and includes an MC with a child, something we’ve not published before. It was very interesting writing Emily, and see how she effects the relationship between her father and the new man in his life. Children always make things more complicated, and Emily is no exception!

Call of the Night Singers is a Gothic horror story, written in first person with very Lovecraftian overtones. This is an established relationship piece, and we’re hoping to have conveyed the slowly mounting sense of horror and dread that H.P. Lovecraft did so masterfully.

Finally, for the moment, we have Herc’s Mercs: The Bigger They Come, a tale of a man who has everything, including a stalker. We’re hoping this will be a series, featuring important men in danger and the big, buff bodyguards who protect their lives. There is a lot of action in store, and we hope everyone enjoys it! 😀