What we’re working on

Ari and I usually have 2-3 works in progress at any given time. We like having multiple drafts going because if we hit a wall with one work, we can set it aside for a while and pick up with something else. Sometimes, we need to put something aside because it’s a long work, like the Blood Bathory novels, and we need a break from it or we need to knock out a shorter work for a submission call. Sometimes we need to stop and think about where to next. Sometimes it just fizzles, which is usually a sign we need to back up and regroup — and rewrite!

Right now, we’re actively working on two drafts. One is the third novel in the Blood Bathory trilogy. I’d say we’re about 2/3rd finished. This is a manuscript that’s been stopped and restarted probably three times for various reasons, mainly due to the dynamic between the two leading characters not working out right. But we’ve finally got it right this time, and it’s rolling along.

The other one is a follow-up to Finding Forgiveness. When we introduced Carlos as Matt’s ex-lover, we intended him to be a minor character who provided some additional tension between Matt and Gil. However, he ended up with a larger role and a richer backstory, and now he’s getting his own book.

In Finding Forgiveness, Carlos mentions the man he lost because his feet and his eyes wandered too much. Obviously, he still carries a torch for that man, so we’re giving him a second chance to win back the man he loves.

Initially, Carlos was the name of the ranch hand whose mare was having trouble foaling, but when Matt’s ex arrived, I wanted to switch names and give the name Carlos to the character with the larger role because I’m a Welcome to Night Vale fan, and I adore Carlos the scientist.

We knew Carlos needed to be sexy in order to make Gil jealous. I remembered an interview I’d seen with Cecil Baldwin, who said he imagined Carlos the scientist as looking like a hot Brazilian model. It didn’t take much Googling to find my perfect Carlos: Beto Malfacini.



We’ve made pretty good progress on the draft despite real life-related interruptions, so we’re hoping to get it finished, polished, and submitted before the end of the year. Hopefully our readers will enjoy reading about Carlos’ story of old flames, redemption, and forgiveness.