Our first audio book!

A while back, Dreamspinner Press asked if we’d be okay with them turning our holiday short story “On the Rocks” into an audiobook. Naturally, we said yes! Now we’re happy to announce that our first audiobook is available from Audible.com, from iTunes, and from Amazon!

“On the Rocks” was written for Dreamspinner’s 2012 Evergreen Advent Calendar, and we’re really pleased that it’s been given new life in this form. We hope our readers enjoy it as well!

OntheRocksLGFor years, Mal has given Aidan a little piece of the world for special occasions in the form of unique rocks and fossils—until the year he gives Aidan a piece of the moon instead. Aidan has treasured every gift: in a world of impersonal relationships, they’re the one reminder he has that somebody out there cares about him for who he really is. Then through a twist of fate, their relationship goes beyond personal and into intimate, leaving Aidan shocked and set to run the other way. Despite his feelings for Mal, past experiences have convinced Aidan that he’s a failure at relationships, and he’s afraid to trust his heart. It just might take a Christmas miracle for Aidan to find the courage to love.

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