Letters from Cupid Now Available!

Our Valentine’s Day story, Letters from Cupid, is now available!

We wanted to do something light and fun for Valentine’s Day, and we’d had a plot bunny about a secret admirer leaving notes on someone’s door. It wasn’t specifically earmarked for Valentine’s Day, but it did involve the note writer offering support after a break-up. We decided we could easily adapt it to fit the holiday, so we plucked that plot bunny off The List and wrote it!

I wrote Macon, the curmudgeon, and I may have let some of my own opinions about academia come out through him. To be honest, my opinions usually do slip out if we’re writing in a university setting. 😉  I love academia, but it has its flaws, and it’s no more immune to internal politics than any other job. And yes, the whole “sitting at the back of the room and grading during faculty meetings” thing does actually happen. We don’t like long, tedious meetings either! Unlike Macon, however, I do at least skim the agenda.

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