Plaid Nights anthology preorder

The Plaid Nights anthology is now available for preorder at Torquere Press! The anthology features short stories from twelve authors, all focusing on men in kilts. The anthology will be released on July 15, but you can preorder it here!

The contributing authors are Rob Rosen, Megan McFerren, Julia Talbot, Elizabeth Coldwell, Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae, Angelique Voisen, Missouri Dalton, Logan Zachary, Lila Mathews, Anna Mansel, and McKay (me!). The total word count for the anthology as a whole is around 65000, so that means it’ll be available both digitally and in print. The digital version is $5.49.

My story is “As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad”, and it’s a historical romance that’s more on the angsty side.

Adie Gilchrist is satisfied with being a bachelor shopkeeper, but when a handsome immigrant from Scotland arrives in Wilmington and begins pursuing him, Adie’s quiet life is changed in ways he’s not certain he wants. Niall McAllister wants a fresh start in the Colonies, but Adie isn’t convinced they can build a life together without consequences if their secret is discovered. When illness threatens to tear them apart forever, Adie has to decide which he wants more: safety or love.

“I’ve seen you at the tavern often enough that you’ll soon make friends, I think,” Adie replied, unable to tear his gaze away from Niall’s intense green eyes.

“I’ve seen you as well.” Niall lowered his voice and glanced around to make certain they were alone. “Never have I seen you leave with a woman, although plenty have tried to catch your eye.”

Adie was grateful for the silvery light of the moon that would hide the blush he could feel rising in his face, and he looked away, uncertain how to respond without revealing too much. “I’ve no time for such things.”

“No time?” Niall hooked his finger under Adie’s chin and coaxed Adie to look at him again. “Or no interest?”

Adie’s breath froze in his lungs, and he stared at Niall, wide-eyed. Surely Niall wasn’t implying that he knew…? No, he couldn’t possibly know that Adie desired men, not women. He was only guessing. But if he was guessing, could that mean he shared Adie’s desires? It was a huge risk, one that Adie wasn’t certain he was prepared to take, not when the consequences could be devastating to his good standing in the community.

Niall gave a sympathetic smile, as if he understood Adie’s reticence. “Would it ease your mind if I said I’ve no interest in fair maidens, only fair lads?”

Adie released a long breath as he studied Niall, wondering how much he could trust a stranger. Then again, Niall had offered trust to him, giving him the power to accept or refuse Niall’s implied offer. Either Niall was quite certain that Adie shared his desires or he thought the risk of asking was worth any potential consequences.

“It does ease my mind at that,” Adie said at last, smiling slightly. “But I must wonder why it matters.”

“Must you indeed?” Niall arched one eyebrow, his expression one of disbelief. “If I must speak in plain words — I would bed you if you’re willing.”