As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad now available!

I’m really proud of this story because it’s the first non-collaborative original work I’ve completed in years. I used to write fan fiction by myself all the time, but that slowed down a lot once Ari and I hit our collaborative groove. By the end of our time in fandom, I was writing very little on my own — maybe one or two stories a year — and once we switched over to original works, I didn’t write on my own at all.

Until now.

I started writing for the Torquere Press anthology calls because I’m going back to grad school this fall, and I needed both to practice writing on my own and to prove to myself that I still could. I figured writing for calls that required less than 10K words would be a good place to start. I flailed around for an idea for the Plaid Nights anthology because hey, men in kilts! I finally decided I wanted to write a historical piece. Then I flailed around for a plot, and then I flailed my way through writing the story itself.

It was tough! I’m used to having someone there to play off of, but there was just me this time, and the words came slowly at first. But they came. The words came, and I finished the story, and I’m so proud of myself for it. I felt like I’d achieved a significant milestone, and it bolstered my confidence that I’d be able to write what I needed to write for grad school.

I’ve written for two other calls since then, and it was much easier. The words flowed more quickly, and the end results bumped up against the 10K word limit. But this little story is like my firstborn, and I’m sending it off into the world with a proud smile. 😀

plaidnightsmckay1400As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad (July 2015) – by McKay

Adie Gilchrist is satisfied with being a bachelor shopkeeper, until a handsome immigrant from Scotland arrives in the port town of Wilmington in the North Carolina Colony and begins pursuing him. Adie’s quiet life is changed in ways he’s not certain he wants. Niall McAllister wants a fresh start in the Colonies, but Adie isn’t convinced they can build a life together without consequences if their secret is discovered. When illness threatens to tear them apart forever, Adie has to decide which he wants more: safety or love.

19 pages/5100 words for $2.49