Haunted Hotties!

This week, my third solo story, “Everything a Big Bad Wolf Could Want”, is coming out in Torquere’s Haunted Hotties vol. 2! Whimsy Hickes comes from a long line of magic users, and when his grandfather warns him of a vision that says he must connect with his true love before Halloween or risk losing his true love forever, he calls on one of his lascivious ancestors for help. Although his sexy werewolf neighbor, Harlan Edgewood, seems to be the perfect candidate, there’s one major problem: Harlan has a girlfriend. Can Whimsy convince Harlan to give love a chance or is Whimsy destined to spend all his Halloweens alone?

Torquere Press is offering a 25% discount on their books through the end of October. Just use the code “spooky15” at checkout!

If you’re looking for other spooky stories to enjoy this Halloween, Ari and I have some older works you might enjoy.

A Hundred Lonely Halloweens — a free read!
The Demon’s Door
Call of the Night Singers
Ghost of a Chance
Blood Bathory: Like the Night
Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun

Speaking of the Blood Bathory series, we’re still working on editing the monster manuscript for book 3. It’s slow going because I’m the one who does the thorough proofreading before submission, and the last few months have been unusually busy, but my goal is to get it finished before the end of the year. Wish me luck!