If you’re a returning visitor to our website, you might notice it looks a little emptier than it did the last time you were here. Due to some changes with Torquere Press over the last few months, Ari and I have decided to ask for the rights to our works with Torquere be returned, and we don’t have any plans to publish with them in the future.

This wasn’t a decision we made lightly since it meant pulling the majority of our works from distribution. We’ve also felt a great deal of loyalty to Torquere since they’re the ones who accepted our first book back in 2012, and we’ve had a good working relationship with them since then. But we feel this decision is in our own professional best interests, and it’s purely a business/financial decision. We aren’t leaving with any ill will or animosity, and we’re especially grateful to the editors we’ve worked with, Michelle and Jaymi, for their help and hard work.

Although our catalogue looks really light right now, we’re actively seeking new homes for our books. At the very least, we want to revise and rerelease the Blood Bathory series and revise, rerelease, and continue the Herc’s Mercs series, especially since #6 was due to come out soon. We’re discussing the options for all of our previously released books, and we hope you’ll see them again — along with new works, of course! — in the future.

In the meantime, we do have a new book coming out from Dreamspinner Press in December: Striking Sparks. We recently got the amazing cover art for that book, and as soon as we get the promo packet, we’ll share it here.

Next summer, we’ve got a spin-off of Striking Sparks coming out: Breaking Bonds. We’ve also submitted a spin off of Finding Forgiveness, which focuses on Carlos Hernandez, and we’re waiting to hear back about that. So irons are in the fire! This change is an unexpected one, but we’re moving forward, and we’ll keep you all updated about when and where you can find our Torquere works once we’ve found them a new home, wherever it may be.