Up-coming Releases

As Ari knows, I’m never happier than when we have at least three works listed in our “Coming Soon!” box in the sidebar of our website, so as you can imagine, I’m thrilled that we now have nine works listed!

Dreamspinner has picked up several of our previously published works and will be re-releasing them in 2017, and we’ve gotten a contract and some estimated dates so they’ll be mixed in with our new releases.

I’m happy to say we’ll have something — new or repub — coming out almost every month in 2017, and that’s just with Dreamspinner. We’ve decided to self-publish some of the works that Dreamspinner didn’t pick up, and we’ve set a goal of getting at least one or two out before the end of 2016.

Our main goal is getting the Herc’s Mercs series out, including the 6th book, which hasn’t been published anywhere before. We did a pretty thorough revision of book 1, so our readers will see some significant differences between the repub and the original release. The main thing we changed is Jude’s characterization and his relationship with his grandmother, and we developed the antagonist’s character and presence in the story a little more.

We haven’t decided how much we’ll tweak the other books in the series; right now, our focus is on finishing a couple of new works, one of which has a looming deadline. But we’re looking forward to making the entire series available again soon!

Pulling all those works from our back catalog was ouchy, so I’m pleased so many of them found a new home with Dreamspinner, and I look forward to them being available to our readers again. We’re going to rebuild our catalog slowly but surely, and we’ve already taken the first steps toward making that happen!