ARe Closing

All Romance eBooks has announced that they’re closing. So that’s fun. And by “fun,” I mean another financial setback for Ari, me, and all the other authors hosting their work on ARe, especially since ARe isn’t going to pay us the full amount of the royalties they owe us. Oh, and they just told us via email yesterday (the 28th) that they’re closing on the 31st.

Ari has already made our self-pub books unavailable for purchase at ARe, but I wouldn’t recommend that you buy anyone’s books there because they won’t get the money from the sale. I’d suggest going directly through the publisher’s site (although not Torquere, because again, the authors won’t see any money from Torquere Press books, no matter where they’re sold), Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

There is some good news! If you’ve preordered a book through ARe that’s being released after December 31 by Dreamspinner Press, they will honor the pre-order. If you’ve preordered from a different publisher, you’ll want to check with them and see what they plan to do. ARe isn’t going to honor the preorders. All requests for refunds from ARe must be made before December 31, and you have to ask; they aren’t going to issue refunds automatically because of course they aren’t. That would mean giving up money voluntarily instead of fleecing their customers as well as the authors out of as much cash as possible.

(I’m a little pissed off and bitter, yes.)

If you’ve got ARe ebucks/credits, SPEND LIKE THE WIND! And do it before the 31st because otherwise, it’ll be wasted.