Release Day!

Steam Heat and Other Stories is now available on Amazon! This is a collection of our older short stories (under 20k words each). We wanted to give them a new home, but we didn’t want to release them separately, so we decided to create a collection. Some of these stories date back to 2012, the year we first got published.

I talked a bit about the process of curating the collection in our September newsletter.

If you’ve read these stories before, we hope you like their new format! If you haven’t, we hope you enjoy reading some of our older work!

Love knows no boundaries, and in this collection of six short stories, the writing duo known as Ari McKay explore how finding your soulmate doesn’t mean you have to be part the same social scene, work in the same field, or even inhabit the same plane of existence!

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle — Grey is smitten with seemingly shy librarian Henry, but Henry has a secret that could stand in the way of their happiness.

A Hundred Lonely Halloweens — Micah forms an unexpected connection to the ghost haunting the historical home he’s refurbishing.

Steam Heat — Coworkers Joss and Trey realize they have far more in common than they thought when they encounter each other at a Steampunk convention.

Caribbean Blues — Jon isn’t the type to indulge in vacation flings, but he can’t resist Derrick, a marine biologist who studies dolphins in the Bahamas.

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around — Landon thinks he needs to wear drag to catch the interest of his crush, but when he starts getting lessons from drag queen Raul, he finds himself growing hot for teacher instead.

As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad — Shopkeeper Adie has tried to keep his desire for men a secret, but Niall, a newcomer to the colony of North Carolina, tempts him to risk his reputation in the little port town for a chance at love.