New release: The Boyfriend Sweater Curse

If you’re in the mood for a little holiday season romance, The Boyfriend Sweater Curse is now available on Amazon! We’re also looking into making our self-published works available through iTunes to expand our format options, so we’ll keep everyone updated on that process.

Our October newsletter has some behind the scenes info about the new story plus a sneak peek of Fortune’s Slings and Cupid’s Arrows, which is coming out from Dreamspinner Press on November 8! You can check out our previous newsletters and subscribe to future newsletters through MailChimp.

All serious knitters know about the boyfriend sweater curse: knit a sweater for a boyfriend, and he’ll break up with you soon after. Gabriel Sutton isn’t the superstitious type, but after the curse strikes three times, he isn’t taking anymore chances. His new boyfriend, Noel Rivera, will have to be content with store bought gifts.

Yet as their relationship develops, Gabriel begins to believe Noel might be the perfect man for him. Noel doesn’t make fun of Gabriel’s holiday traditions and wants to create new traditions of their own. As Christmas draws closer, however, Gabriel sees signs of Noel pulling away, and he worries this relationship will be as big a mistake as the others. Are Noel’s late nights and secretive phone calls a sign he’s cheating? Or will the magic of Christmas bring Gabriel the love he’s been searching for all along?