Happy New Year!

We hope 2018 brings happiness and good health to all our readers!

Here’s what’s coming up for us in the new year. In January (tomorrow, in fact!), Dreamspinner Press will release our new historical Western, The Quality of Mercy.

In February, we’ll release the seventh book in the Herc’s Mercs series. Herc’s Mercs: No Pain, No Gain will feature Hunter “Able” Callahan, a merc from Lawson & Greer who worked with D-Day when he tackled a truck with a nuke in it in Bloody But Unbowed, and Payne “PITA” Gibson, one of Herc’s men who appears in the revised version of The Bigger They Come.

In March, Dreamspinner Press will release Heart of Glass, which is the brand new third book in the Lawyers in Love trilogy. Asher Caldwell is known for being a workholic and commitment-phobic, but can a case of mistaken identity lead him to true love?

In May, Dreamspinner Press will release Asheville Arcana: Forged in Fire, the sequel to Out of the Ashes. Whimsy Hickes is a mage who finds himself the recipient of a one-sided bond with werewolf Harlan Edgewood. Navigating that kind of relationship is difficult enough, but Whimsy has possessed shapeshifters and invading demons to worry about as well!

In July, Dreamspinner Press will release Knitting a Broken Heart Back Together (2nd edition), a standalone romance about finding a second chance at love after heartbreak.

And later in 2018, Dreamspinner Press will release Seeking Solace, the third book in the Walker Boys series. Paul Mercer is heir to Triton Cruises, and he’s not looking for a shipboard romance when he embarks on a cruise under an assumed name to learn the ins and outs of a Triton ship, but he finds it with bartender Devon Walker. Will their romance survive Paul’s deception?

In the meantime, Ari and I will be working on the third Asheville Arcana book, the first book of a new series called Locksley Limited, and a fourth Walker Boys book!

Happy new year and happy reading!