Sale and Site

Our books at Dreamspinner Press are currently on sale, including French, German, and Italian translations! So this is a good time to pick up any of our Dreamspinner titles you might be missing.

I’ve given our website a little overhaul, mostly organizational changes. The biggest change is that I updated the navigation menu so that our books are now accessible in a drop-down menu. I like lists, so here’s a list of all the changes I’ve made to the site over the last couple of days.

  • removed the “New Releases” page because new books are available in the sidebar
  • removed the sidebar from all pages except the home page for a cleaner look/design
  • added a link to our newsletter archive to the sidebar
  • streamlined the navigation menu and tweaked the language; put standalone books, series, collections, translations, audio books, and free books in a drop-down menu under Books
  • created individual pages for French, German, and Italian translations and added the book summaries
  • changed the layout of the series pages
  • removed all cover art from individual pages (it didn’t always align the way I wanted it to on the page) and created a cover art gallery with artist credit in the caption of each image
  • added a link to the home page to the navigation menu
  • added Dreamspinner Press and Amazon links to books available at both places

Little changes, but I’m pleased.