Making somewhat slow but definite progress on Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun. Action stuff takes a lot longer to write than relationship material, at least in my opinion! Probably because there’s less dialogue — our boys have never had a lack of things to say! When we get this finished, it’ll be time for Cinnamon and Seduction, the fourth of the Recipe for Romance stories, and then back to Blood Bathory for the third novel, Into Nothingness. Somewhere in there will be at least one Halloween story and probably two for Christmas, although it’s hard to imagine, with it only being the beginning of April! It’s a blessing that we never lack for plot bunnies!


Novel progress!

Not only have we gotten the edits (or at least the first set) back from Dreamspinner for our historical Western, “Heart of Stone”, but yesterday we received the prospective covers from the artist. Wow! She did an AMAZING job, and one of the covers was PERFECT for what we wanted. 😀 I’m almost vibrating (shaddup!) with anticipation to hold the book in my hands and see it for real! We haven’t received the actual publication date yet, but the edits were pretty clean (just long, since the story is much longer than anything else we’ve had published to date!), so hopefully that means it won’t take too much longer through the production process. Fingers crossed! It’s going to be a reality at last! 😀


Next up…

We didn’t have a publication this month (woe! But that’s how the schedule worked out, alas), but we do have one coming next month, in Dreamspinner Press’ “Closet Capers” anthology. We’re rather excited about this one, since it’s a light-hearted “mystery”, and it pulls in one of our favorite themes to write. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that appearances can often be deceiving! Hopefully everyone will enjoy the story, which is entitled “The Whole Kit and Kaboodle”.

Then in May, we have the novella from Torquere — “Fennel and Forgiveness”, a sequel to “Bay Leaves and Bachelors”. June will give us “Love’s Cabers Tossed”, in the Dreamspinner Press’ Day Dose. And we cap off the summer with not one, but TWO novels, our first in print! A historical western, “Heart of Stone”, is coming from Dreamspinner, while “Blood Bathory: Like the Night”, a paranormal action adventure, will be published by Torquere.

We’re excited to have so many works on the way, and more to come. In the works at the moment is the third story in the “Recipe for Romance” saga (which started with “Bay Leaves…”), and a sequel to Blood Bathory.  So stay tuned, and thanks to everyone for reading our stories!