Cover Reveal!

I am pleased and proud to announce the brand new cover for the rerelease of Out of the Ashes, book 1 of the Asheville Arcana series! This second edition book marks the official debut of our Rachel Langella line, which will focus on books with a paranormal focus, which will include both horror and fantasy.

This gorgeous cover was designed by Lyrical Lines! Photo by Paul Henry Serres!

Out of the Ashes, second edition, will be released on October 1, 2020!


The Walker Boys series

Ari and I are pleased to announce that the first three books in our Walker Boys series are now available as second editions with brand new covers! All three are now available on Amazon.

Currently, we’re working on Healing Hearts, the brand new fourth book in the series! This book will focus on Rocky, who was Carter Galloway’s inexperienced chef at the Overlook resort in Breaking Bonds, and Gage, a troubled Walker boy who finds a much-needed change of scenery in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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Striking Sparks re-release!

We’ve begun working on getting our former DSP books ready for re-release, and we decided to start with our contemporary series, the Walker Boys!

Shout out to MM Bookworm Reviews, who hosted our new cover reveal for Walker Boys #1: Striking Sparks!

The heat isn’t only in the kitchen!

For Jake Parnell, returning home to Buffalo Lick, Texas, is painful in many ways. He’s lost his twin brother to a horrible accident, and he’s given up his own career to run the family restaurant, help to raise his now fatherless niece and nephew, and care for his pregnant sister-in-law. On top of everything else, his old rival and secret obsession, Beau Walker, still hates his guts. 

Beau never expected Jake to come back to their tiny home town, but now Beau needs Jake to take his brother’s place in a televised barbecue competition between their restaurants. It’s hard for him to ask for Jake’s help, because even though he’s lusted after Jake for years, he knows that just like oil and water, they will never mix.

The impending competition and the stress take a toll on Jake, and Beau steps in to help. Sparks fly as old hurts and misunderstandings are aired at last. More than the competition is at stake, and when the smoke clears, will the passion that ignites between them have the strength to last, or will it wind up burning them both?

Striking Sparks is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and it will be released on July 27, 2020!


A new beginning!

Ari and I are pleased to announce a change of direction! We’ve decided to go 100% self-published and to narrow our writing focus in order to build our brand and audience.

As Ari McKay, we’ll be focusing on action/adventure books like our Herc’s Mercs series. Right now, we have plans for developing a new series, but there may be more books in the Herc’s Mercs series down the line as well!

As Rachel Langella, we’ll be focusing on paranormal/horror/supernatural books like our Blood Bathory series. We’re developing a new Elemental Sins series for this line.

Both brands will be represented here on our website, which means reorganizing and updating our website is on my to-do list this summer. Our books previously published by Dreamspinner Press will be removed temporarily while we work to revise, repackage, and rerelease them through Amazon along with our other self-published books.

Ari does a fantastic job of maintaining our Ari McKay social media, particularly Facebook, and I’ll be maintaining our Rachel Langella Facebook account with the possibility of expanding to other social media venues when time permits.

We’re looking forward to releasing more news and new books as we head toward summer!