“The Once and Future Love”

“The Once and Future Love”, appearing in the Time Is Eternity Daily Dose anthology by Dreamspinner Press:

Anthony Davis, A-list Hollywood star, is adored by millions for his talent and striking good looks. Approaching fifty and feeling the pressure of competing with younger stars, he realizes that despite all he’s achieved, he’s alone and lonely. Then Anthony encounters Rob Harrison, who tutored him in college, at a fundraiser. Despite the chemistry between them back then, Anthony chose his career over love, and he recognizes the mistake he made at last. As he leaves the fundraiser, he glimpses a shooting star and makes a hopeless wish… asking for another chance with Rob.

The Daily Dose package is now on sale! The full package is available here for $39.99 in April. The price will increase to $49.99 in May.

We’ve added this info to our Short Stories page, and we’ll update again in June, when the stories will go on sale individually.

5 thoughts on ““The Once and Future Love”

  1. Question! Which is going to “look” better for your at DS, purchasing the anthology or the individual story? Did I mention the EEEEEEE?!

    1. I’d say buying the individual story, partly because it makes it clear you’re choosing us and our work specifically and partly because we get royalties from the individual story sales, but not the anthology sales.

      1. Oh, man, I have to wait a whole ‘nother month?! You guys better be worth it….

        *laughs up sleeve*

        1. How do you think WE feel?! We’ve seen the galley, but we’ve still got to wait until June 1 to see it “for real”, too. The excitement and anticipation are killing us!

          1. I suppose you’ll have to satisfy yourselves by writing *more* to keep busy. ~_^

            (seriously so excited for you persons!!!)

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