Halloween Sip: “A Hundred Lonely Halloweens”

This coming Wednesday, October 17, we’ll have a new short story coming out as part of Torquere Press’ Halloween Sip line called “A Hundred Lonely Halloweens”. As with “Steam Heat”, the prompt limited us to 8000 words, so we had another challenge in keeping our plot manageable and yet reasonably fleshed out within the set parameters, but we’re quite pleased with the results.

We’re both fans of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and we used that as inspiration for our own bittersweet ghost story, and we tried to infuse Micah and Richard’s story with the – ahem – spirit of the season. Speaking for myself, I was eager to write for this holiday prompt because I love Halloween, and I’ve always loved incorporating elements of folklore, legend, and superstition into Halloween-themed works.

We’ll post an announcement once the story is available on Wednesday and add it to our short stories page. We hope our readers enjoy this little Halloween treat!

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