A new erotic fantasy anthology

Sorry to be spammy today! But I wanted to promote a couple of new publications. A long-time fandom friend of ours has published her first original short story in an erotic fantasy anthology from Circlet Press called What Happens in the Tavern Stays in the Tavern. Her story is “The Place Where Heroes Are Made, by Sarah Ellis, and having read and enjoyed her fandom writing for years, I can vouch for the quality of her work!

I’m also really enjoying the Warriors of Rome collection from Riptide Publishing, which features a story by Sam Starbuck, whose writing (fandom and original) I’ve also enjoyed for years. Sam’s contribution is “The City War”, and you can get that story along with the other stories in the collection individually or bundled together.

These would make excellent reading while bundled up in a cozy chair with a cup of tea. 😀