Another Auld Lang Syne…

Well it’s been quite a year for us, writing-wise, and overall I have to say that our first year as “pros” has been far more successful than we ever imagined! Although we’re still waiting to hear back on one story, we’ve managed to sell everything else we’ve submitted this year, which I think is a pretty good start! Some things have been more popular than others, but we achieved far more than we expected to, and we’re looking forward to the year to come!

I personally am very excited about our first novel, Heart of Stone, which will be coming out this summer. It’s different for us, genre-wise, it being a historical Western, but it was a lot of fun to write, and I am pleased with the results. 🙂 We never set out to write the next “big thing”, just tell good stories that people enjoy, something to make them happy and forget about their troubles for a while. In that, I hope we succeeded.

I wish everyone the most happy and prosperous of New Years, and may love and romance always be a part of your lives.