New and coming!

Now that January is well underway, we should be finding out soon how well our stories have done in the previous quarter — and a big thank you to everyone who has bought our stories and supported our work, it means so much to us! We had 4 stories released last quarter — A Hundred Lonely Halloweens, Bay Leaves and Bachelors, On The Rocks, and Santa’s Naughty Helper — which we are thrilled about. We never dreamed just over a year ago that we’d have so much success (and luck!) when we decided to take the big step to go pro.

For the future, coming up at the end of this month is “Caribbean Blues”, a story about a man who learns that safety and comfort don’t always mean happiness. Then in February will be “Fortune’s Slings and Cupid’s Arrows”, which is a semi-sequel to “Santa’s Naughty Helper”. We are waiting to hear back on a submission to Dreamspinner for their “Closet Capers” collection, and any day now we hope to send off a sequel to “Bay Leaves” to Torquere to see if they like it. So we’re on pace with our plans, although we both have wished for more time to write.

We also have a couple of other short stories either in process or in the queue, and then we’re excitedly waiting for “Heart of Stone”, our first published novel, to be released by Dreamspinner in the summer. This is a Big Thing for us, because it will be in print, and that is something we’ve both been eager for since we started writing!  I know it’s probably silly in this electronic age, but I think in some ways having a book that can be held in your hands makes me, at least, feel more like a “real” author. 😉