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Another Giveaway!

Yep! We’ve got two giveaways going on right now, one to celebrate our one year anniversary as published authors and one to celebrate the publication of our first full length novel.

The new giveaway is available HERE! You can enter to win a free autographed print copy of our historical Western novel, Heart of Stone, which is being released on June 3. The giveaway will run through June 4, and we’ll pick a winner on June 5!

Meanwhile, our one year anniversary is still going strong! The prizes are a copy of “Love’s Cabers Tossed”  and a copy of “Once and Future Love”. The giveaway will run through May 31 with the winner being chosen on June 1, when the Daily Dose stories become available.

To enter the one year anniversary giveaway, please go here on Facebook or here!

18 thoughts on “Another Giveaway!

  1. I’ve not read any of your work and would love the opportunity to do so. It sounds like the meld of your personalities can produce exciting books.

  2. Who could resist a story called “Love’s Cabers Tossed”? (Everything sounds really good, actually.) Please count me in!


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