One week!

Only one week to go until the publication of our first full-length novel, Heart of Stone!! It is available for pre-order in both ebook as well as trade sized paperback!

Heart of Stone is the tale of two cowboys in 19th century Nevada. Stone Harrison is one-quarter Pawnee, and has been hiding more than just his ancestry from the world. When he inherits a ranch from an aunt he’s never even met, he decides to take a chance that Copper Lake Ranch just might offer him the home he’s been looking for. When he arrives, he finds not only a place to belong, but a man who tempts and entices him as no one ever has before. Luke Reynolds is Copper Lake’s foreman, and he wants to help Stone succeed at being a rancher — almost as much as he wants Stone in his bed. Surrounded by secrets and faced with disaster at every turn, Stone is trapped between one man who wants him, and another who wants him dead. In the end, Stone knows he must stand up and protect the man he loves… even if he has to kill someone to do it.

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