Halloween story now available!

Ghost of a Chance is now available from Torquere Press! 

74 pages / 22900 words 
Ebook zipped file contains – html, Adobe and Sony optimized pdf, mobi, epub for $3.99

Dr. Mason Beaulieu thinks rival ghost hunter Haywood “Fort” Fortenberry is sexy but too credulous when it comes to the paranormal. Fort thinks Mason is attractive but too cynical. When they’re offered a chance to be locked up in reputedly haunted Wisteria Grove on Halloween night, however, both men jump at the chance.

Storms and mysterious sounds keep them busy during the night, and they discover a mutual respect for each other’s skills. As the investigation continues, Fort learns the truth behind Mason’s seemingly dismissive attitude, and Mason finds a new appreciation for Fort’s open-mindedness. But when an unexpected intruder derails the investigation, they learn that more than just hunting ghosts can offer them thrills and chills.


Wisteria Grove is loosely based on the Myrtles Plantation, which is considered one of the most haunted places in the US. Ari and I had both heard about the plantation-turned-B&B, and we both want to stay there overnight, although we’re in total agreement that we wouldn’t sleep a wink! Personally, I’d love to participate in a ghost hunt one day, but I’m not sure I’d want to start my ghost hunting career at The Myrtles. I’d probably need to work my way up to that! 

As we kick off the Halloween season, we hope “Ghost of a Chance” gives our readers a few chills and a few thrills. 😀