Holiday story: Last Leap of the First Foot

Our first holiday story of the season is now available! Last Leap of the First Foot is set in 19th century Scotland during Hogmanay, and it focuses on Iain and Bran, lifelong friends who are realizing they both want more.

Iain Donaldson and Bran MacRae have been best friends since childhood, despite Iain being part of the gentry and Bran a mere crofter’s son. Iain’s feelings of friendship have deepened over time, and he suspects Bran might share his inclinations—and Hogmanay may be the time to confess feelings. As the old year becomes the new, Iain keeps his promise to first-foot at the MacRae cottage, and Bran takes the opportunity to bare his heart—will it be enough to overcome the challenges to their budding relationship?

“Last Leap” is part of Dreamspinner’s Heartwarming holiday anthology, and it’s on sale now – 58 pages for $3.99!