Call of the Night Singers

Tomorrow, our Gothic horror novella, “Call of the  Night Singers”, is coming out! It’s something Ari has already talked about, but there were a couple of behind the scenes things I wanted to share as well.

The story takes place primarily in Bath, NC, and it mentions a curse on the little town, which is a real thing. Well, as real as a legendary curse can be, depending on how much stock you put in that kind of thing! It’s called the Whitefield Curse, and it was placed on Bath by a traveling evangelist in the mid-1700s. Apparently, he thought the residents of Bath were unrepentant sinners, and when he left town for the last time, he shook the dust of the town off his shoes and laid his curse on it.

Coincidentally (or not *ominous music*), Bath began as a prosperous port city, but not long after Whitefield left, its fortune began to decline. Washington (NC) began to rise in its place, stealing away its business, population, and prospects, and Bath has never flourished again since that time.

I’ve mentioned before that we often include elements in our stories purely for our own amusement, and Roderick Heatherford’s faithful manservant is one of those elements. We named him O’Brien after Richard O’Brien, and we based the character’s appearance on Riff-Raff. I pictured the character so strongly that I typed “Riff-Raff” instead of “O’Brien” more than once.

We hope our readers enjoy our foray into the realm of the Gothic! Given our love of the supernatural and paranormal, it probably won’t be our last. Just not in first person. 😉