Blood Bathory!

Good news! We’ve got a release date for the third and final book in the Blood Bathory trilogy!

Blood Bathory: Be Not Proud will be released on August 31, 2016, by Torquere Press. The final installment of the trilogy will feature Fransisco Antonio Miguel Castillo de Barajas, who was introduced in the second Blood Bathory book as the head of the European division of Shaw-Mann Industries.

Antonio is the second oldest living theriomorph whose form is a black Andalusian stallion. He’s over a thousand years old, and he’s loved and lost twice. His human wife Ysabel died in childbirth, and his vampire lover, Raphael, was killed by Thrace.

Since his bond with Raphael was broken 500 years ago, Antonio has been alone, but he’ll get another chance at love in book 3. With whom? That remains to be seen. 😉

We’ll share blurbs and cover art in the months ahead, but since we just signed the contract, all we have right now is the release date. Hopefully our readers will enjoy the resolution of the trilogy!

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