A new beginning!

Ari and I are pleased to announce a change of direction! We’ve decided to go 100% self-published and to narrow our writing focus in order to build our brand and audience.

As Ari McKay, we’ll be focusing on action/adventure books like our Herc’s Mercs series. Right now, we have plans for developing a new series, but there may be more books in the Herc’s Mercs series down the line as well!

As Rachel Langella, we’ll be focusing on paranormal/horror/supernatural books like our Blood Bathory series. We’re developing a new Elemental Sins series for this line.

Both brands will be represented here on our website, which means reorganizing and updating our website is on my to-do list this summer. Our books previously published by Dreamspinner Press will be removed temporarily while we work to revise, repackage, and rerelease them through Amazon along with our other self-published books.

Ari does a fantastic job of maintaining our Ari McKay social media, particularly Facebook, and I’ll be maintaining our Rachel Langella Facebook account with the possibility of expanding to other social media venues when time permits.

We’re looking forward to releasing more news and new books as we head toward summer!


Sale and Site

Our books at Dreamspinner Press are currently on sale, including French, German, and Italian translations! So this is a good time to pick up any of our Dreamspinner titles you might be missing.

I’ve given our website a little overhaul, mostly organizational changes. The biggest change is that I updated the navigation menu so that our books are now accessible in a drop-down menu. I like lists, so here’s a list of all the changes I’ve made to the site over the last couple of days.

  • removed the “New Releases” page because new books are available in the sidebar
  • removed the sidebar from all pages except the home page for a cleaner look/design
  • added a link to our newsletter archive to the sidebar
  • streamlined the navigation menu and tweaked the language; put standalone books, series, collections, translations, audio books, and free books in a drop-down menu under Books
  • created individual pages for French, German, and Italian translations and added the book summaries
  • changed the layout of the series pages
  • removed all cover art from individual pages (it didn’t always align the way I wanted it to on the page) and created a cover art gallery with artist credit in the caption of each image
  • added a link to the home page to the navigation menu
  • added Dreamspinner Press and Amazon links to books available at both places

Little changes, but I’m pleased.


New Free Book!

Caribbean Blues is now available as a free read!

When Jon Lawson’s boyfriend dumps him just before what was to be an romantic island vacation, Jon decides to go ahead with his plans alone. What he doesn’t count on is meeting sexy, intelligent biologist Derrick Mason, who teaches him surprising lessons about life and love — and acceptance. But a tropical idyll isn’t real life, and Jon knows he must return to the real world. Can Derrick convince him that romance never has to end, or will Jon go home and miss out on a chance at true love?

Available here!