Valentine’s Day story: Dandy’s Little Girl

Tomorrow (February 5), our first work of 2014 will be published! It’s a Valentine’s Day themed novella called “Dandy’s Little Girl”:

Five years after losing his partner, Noah Coleman lets Andy Lane into his life and the life of his daughter, Emily. Emily and Andy obviously adore one another, but can Noah handle it when his feelings of friendship for Andy become something more?

For this story, I wrote Andy, who is the manager of a toy store by day and a Bluegrass musician by night. His band, the Big Biscuit Bottoms, are hired to play an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” gig at a local bar, and I had way too much fun compiling the set list. Rather than go for songs about heartbreak and betrayal, I decided to use songs dealing with the end of a romance… via murder.

What amused me most is that I found so many, I had to narrow the final list down. Not all of the songs I chose involve murder, but they are all unconventional takes on love and romance. In case anyone is intrigued, I’ve compiled a list (with videos!) below.

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Holiday short stories

It seems we’ve developed a routine of writing two holiday stories, one romantic drama and one romantic comedy. This year, our romantic drama is the historical romance we wrote for Dreamspinner’s holiday anthology, Last Leap of the First Foot. We wrote a romantic drama for Dreamspinner’s anthology last year as well, although that one has a contemporary setting. Like “Last Leap”, it features best friends who fall in love, but Mal and Aidan have a much harder road to their happily ever after than Iain and Bran! Their story is told in On the Rocks.

This year, our romantic comedy will be released this coming Wednesday from Torquere, “Holiday Hootenanny”, in which Josh takes his boyfriend Clint home to meet his large and boisterous family. Last year, we wrote about Kevin, who professed his feelings for his coworker Erik through a series of Secret Santa gifts in Santa’s Naughty Helper.

If you enjoy this year’s stories, you might enjoy our older holiday stories too! 🙂


Holiday story: Last Leap of the First Foot

Our first holiday story of the season is now available! Last Leap of the First Foot is set in 19th century Scotland during Hogmanay, and it focuses on Iain and Bran, lifelong friends who are realizing they both want more.

Iain Donaldson and Bran MacRae have been best friends since childhood, despite Iain being part of the gentry and Bran a mere crofter’s son. Iain’s feelings of friendship have deepened over time, and he suspects Bran might share his inclinations—and Hogmanay may be the time to confess feelings. As the old year becomes the new, Iain keeps his promise to first-foot at the MacRae cottage, and Bran takes the opportunity to bare his heart—will it be enough to overcome the challenges to their budding relationship?

“Last Leap” is part of Dreamspinner’s Heartwarming holiday anthology, and it’s on sale now – 58 pages for $3.99!



New story: Santa’s Naughty Helper

Our second holiday story was released by Torquere Press yesterday! Santa’s Naughty Helper is now available in html, Adobe and Sony optimized pdf, prc, epub formats for $3.99.

When shy attorney Kevin Anderson draws Erik Wilson, his hunky co-worker, in their office’s secret gift exchange, he realizes this might be just the opportunity he needs to make Erik notice him. Erik seems to enjoy the game of twelve days of naughty gifts, but can Kevin overcome his fear of rejection enough to go through with his plan and offer himself to Erik on Christmas Eve?


Have an excerpt!

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Holiday Story #1: On the Rocks

On the Rocks is now available from Dreamspinner Press for $3.99! It’s 73 pages and comes in the following formats: .epub, .prc, html, pdf.

For years, Mal has given Aidan a little piece of the world for special occasions in the form of unique rocks and fossils—until the year he gives Aidan a piece of the moon instead. Aidan has treasured every gift: in a world of impersonal relationships, they’re the one reminder he has that somebody out there cares about him for who he really is. Then through a twist of fate, their relationship goes beyond personal and into intimate, leaving Aidan shocked and set to run the other way. Despite his feelings for Mal, past experiences have convinced Aidan that he’s a failure at relationships, and he’s afraid to trust his heart. It just might take a Christmas miracle for Aidan to find the courage to love.

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