First re-home!

Ari and I are pleased to let everyone know that we’ve successfully started the re-homing process! We’ve revised and significantly expanded Letters from Cupid, one of our Valentine’s Day stories, and the second edition will be released in February, 2017, by Dreamspinner Press.

This is one of our favorite holiday stories, so we enjoyed revisiting it. We found several places where we could develop Macon and Derek’s budding relationship outside the letters, and we developed Macon himself more. While rereading it, we realized we hadn’t even identified what he teaches! So we made him part of the creative writing faculty in the department and had the book he was working on be a collection of short stories. We also let Mark — Derek’s ex, who breaks up with him at the beginning of the story — be a little more prominent.

Even though the revising and re-homing process has put some extra work on our plate that we didn’t expect, I’m finding it quite satisfying to go back and look at older works with an eye toward improving them. I think Letters from Cupid had room for growth, and I’m pleased with the changes we’ve made. Hopefully our readers will like them as well!


Upcoming publications

Yesterday, I wrote about Blood Bathory 3, which is coming out at the end of this month, but we’ve got some other books coming out in the near (and far) future.

On November 2, the next book in the Herc’s Mercs series will be released. Herc’s Mercs: Where Angels Fear to Tread is a more action-packed adventure with our leading men trying to escape the war-torn streets of a city under the siege of a military coup.

We’ve got two books coming out in December! On the 15th, Dreamspinner Press will release Striking Sparks as part of their new Dreamspun Desires line. Two former high school rivals reunite during a BBQ cook-off, and the old sparks of rivalry — and attraction — start flying once more.

Also in December, we’ve got a lighter holiday story coming out from Torquere Press. From A to Z focuses on two men who meet under highly unusual circumstances and begin a holiday romance.

And looking ahead into June, 2017, we’ve got Breaking Bonds, which will be another release in the Dreamspun Desires line. A resort owner in the mountains of NC is desperate to keep his resort open, and he finds unexpected help from an executive chef on vacation.

We’ve also got a manuscript in the editing stage that we’ll be submitting this fall, and of course, we’re working on new stuff as well. We’re trying to keep a fairly steady pace so our output doesn’t drop like it did last year. It’s been tough with our schedules — especially mine — but I think we’ve done pretty well. 😀


Holiday Cheer!

Our creative output has been a little low in 2015 because of various Life Obstacles arising for both of us, but we’re already making progress toward increasing our publications in 2016!

The next book in the Herc’s Mercs series will be released on January 6 from Torquere Press! Herc’s Mercs: The Harder They Fall is the first story to feature two employees of Hercules Security. Jason Hekili is a former actor/model/EMT turned merc and Chris Hardison is the west coast branch’s IT specialist. Jason and Chris meet at the anniversary party of Alec “Red” Davis and Jon Baldwin and sparks fly, but Chris’ bad relationship experiences cause him not to trust that hot, hunky Jason will remain interested in a geeky guy like him. When Chris is targeted by corrupt men who want to stop him from testifying against them, Jason is assigned to Chris’ protection detail, and they are thrown together in a safe house where the proximity forces them both to face the doubts and fears that have kept them apart.


A Taste of Honey tells the story of two best friends who could find love with each other — if they can figure out they’re perfect for one another. Rob “Honey” Coombs is a successful graphic artist who performs as a drag queen in his off-time. Boone Phillips is his best friend who needs a big favor: a fake girlfriend to keep his well-meaning mother from matchmaking at the upcoming Phillips family reunion. Honey seems like the perfect choice until Boone’s attraction to Honey makes him realize his feelings for Rob aren’t as platonic as he thought. A Taste of Honey will be released on March 9 from Torquere Press!

And on December 15, we have Striking Sparks, #24 in Dreamspinner Press’ new Dreamspun line! Jake Parnell and Beau Walker have been rivals since high school, but their animosity covered a mutual attraction. The death of his brother brings Jake back to Buffalo Lick, Texas, to help take care of his sister-in-law and her kids, and he and Beau renew their old rivalry for a televised barbecue competition. But ratings and the success of their rival restaurants aren’t the only things at stake; their hearts are on the line as well.

We don’t have a new holiday story this year, alas, but we do have some older ones that are still available!

Santa’s Naughty Helper
On the Rocks
Knitting a Broken Heart Back Together
Holiday Hootenanny
Last Leap of the First Foot

Happy holidays to all our readers! 😀


Big Biscuit Bottoms: Murder Ballads playlist

Last year, we wrote a Valentine’s Day story that featured a main character who is a toy store manager by day and a Bluegrass musician by night, Andy Lane. In Dandy’s Little Girl, Andy’s band, the Big Biscuit Bottoms, were hired to play at an anti-Valentine’s Day party at a popular bar, and I had way too much fun coming up with their set list because I love Bluegrass, folk music, and old Country music. Given how often love turned to death and murder in these songs, it wasn’t difficult for me to compile a “murder ballads” playlist for the band.

Last year, I posted here with the playlist enhanced by videos. This year, I’ve gone a step farther and created a  Big Biscuit Bottoms: Murder Ballads set list on Spotify!

I added all the songs from the original set list in the story and added some others I’ve found since then. I’m sure I’ll keep adding to it as I find grisly, creepy new material.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉


Letters from Cupid Now Available!

Our Valentine’s Day story, Letters from Cupid, is now available!

We wanted to do something light and fun for Valentine’s Day, and we’d had a plot bunny about a secret admirer leaving notes on someone’s door. It wasn’t specifically earmarked for Valentine’s Day, but it did involve the note writer offering support after a break-up. We decided we could easily adapt it to fit the holiday, so we plucked that plot bunny off The List and wrote it!

I wrote Macon, the curmudgeon, and I may have let some of my own opinions about academia come out through him. To be honest, my opinions usually do slip out if we’re writing in a university setting. 😉  I love academia, but it has its flaws, and it’s no more immune to internal politics than any other job. And yes, the whole “sitting at the back of the room and grading during faculty meetings” thing does actually happen. We don’t like long, tedious meetings either! Unlike Macon, however, I do at least skim the agenda.